If you are wondering if its possible to become a professional blogger and make good money out of it, the answer is yes. Any type of blogging can make you money if it is done correctly. However, there are 10 popular types of blogs that you can make money from. These 10 blogs fall under 2 niches. There is the personal blog, which entails your personal brand. Then there is business blogging, where you sell products or services for your business. Before you start blogging, keep in mind which category you want to be. Also, not that content is key in blogging.  Click here to know   what type of blogs make the most money.

The first blog that can make you money is lifestyle blogging. This type of blogging relates to areas that you have interest in, such as life hacks, home organization and many more. the different between lifestyle blogs and personal blogs is that this kind of blogs focus on visual appealing content. Example of lifestyle blogs are menu planning blogs, video tutorials and many more.  Find more info on this  website.

The second type is the personal journal blogs. This type of blogging focuses on your daily life. With this kind of blog, you can make money through ads, sponsored content or affiliate marketing.

Another type of blogging you can make money through is parenting blogs. This type of blogging you share you experience on parenting and give advice. You can make money using type of blogging by selling products or services or affiliate marketing or sponsored ads.

Business promotion blogs is another way you can make money by promoting your products or services by linking it to your website.

Also, you can make money through finance blogs. These blogs teach people about budgeting, finding credit, how to increase your income and many more. You can money from this type of blog either through selling digital tools, affiliate marketing and promotions.

DIY blogs is another way you can make money. This blog teaches people how they can do various projects on their own. With this kind of blog it is important you concentrate on certain area, such as home remodeling. You can make money through tutorials or affiliate marketing.

Also, you can make money through fitness blogs. In your blog, you will give people advise on how to live a health lifestyle. You can make money through selling meal plans, work outs and sponsored ads.

In addition, you also make money through travel blogging. Here you will share with people your travel stories and advise them. You can make money through sponsored ads or selling your own travel guides.

Another way to make money is through food blogs, you can share recipes, restaurants to visit. This blogs just like the rest you can make money through sponsored ads or affiliate marketing.

Lastly, you can make money through fashion blogs. You will need a good photographer and video editing skills. You can make money from being an influences, sponsored ads and affiliate marketing.  See more here : https://www.huffpost.com/entry/how-much-food-bloggers-make_n_590209e9e4b0af6d718c4e70.